Sea Scouts | Jan17, 2018 | UPDATE

The Sea Scouts Meeting for the Middle Peninsula sponsored by the Mathews Maritime Foundation scheduled for the 20th of January is being changed to February 10th  from 3pm to 5pm at Gloucester High School.  We will have a meeting with the registered Scouts and all new scouts that wish to register. We will have the experience of James Byers and scout son, Joshua to help getting the QUARTERDECK started at our first meeting.  Hopefully, at that time the Middle Peninsula Ship will be activated by the Sea Scout Council.  We are encouraging all parents of the Scouts to attend, also attending will be Adult Leaders who have registered and Adult Leaders who would like to register.  Commander Justin Whitt of the ROTC program has signed up as the First Mate of the Ship and discussions on how the Ship will operate, will include parents and Adult Leaders.  At this time we have 2 sailboats,  a 30 foot sloop and a 32 foot sloop for use to the Ship.  We also have supporters to work with our program, such as, Colonial Seaport Foundation, Mathews YMCA, Coast Guard Aux  Flotilla 66 and Chesapeake Bay Paddling Company.  Mathews and Gloucester Counties are both water rich and this will be an excellent opportunity for our young adults to experience the joys that being on the shores and the waters of the Chesapeake Bay can give.

Hope to see you there!

John Bonner
Skipper of the Sea Scout Program
P.S. If you have any questions, please call me at 757 373 5693.

Our Scouts, two girls and one boy, sailed Sunday in Milford Haven. The Freya is currently out of the water for the winter. Shown sailing here is the 32 foot Endeavour.

You are invited to participate in great adventures on the water and on shore!

ELIGIBILITY: male or female; Ages 13 (finished 8th grade) UP to Age 21

The Sea Scouts Program is designed to provide character building opportunities.

The Scouts themselves nominate who will be their Boatswains, whose responsibility will be to manage all meetings and boat assignments. He or she will have the help of Boatswain’s Mates to cover admin and program activities, a Yeoman to record their activities, and many more designees to manage all the functions of the crew. Working together as a team is the prime ingredient of a successful SHIP. All SHIP crew will be taught traditional nautical skills, knot tying, navigation, boating safety, and crewmanship.

Mathews Maritime Foundation, a Mathews County nonprofit, has provided two vessels as facilities for Scout activities, the S/V Freya and the M/V Peggy.  Our plan is to have monthly outings on a boat, in good weather, of course, and lots of fun at monthly meetings and training sessions. We have the support of Flotilla 66, our local Coast Guard Auxiliary to teach seaman skills and more. The Foundation also has many experienced mariners.

The adult staff helps to facilitate the SHIP to function by guidelines of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).  There are always two adult members one male and one female for all activities involving both sexes.

Currently, we have several adults to complete this requirement.  We hope that parents become an integral part of the “Ship” as there are many activities that their participation would be helpful.

 If you or your child is interested, check out for more information.


For application or info, please contact:

Ship Committee ChairShip Committee Member
Pete Hall

Ship Committee Member
Page Herbert

Skipper of Program
John Bonner