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When you join the Mathews Maritime Foundation, you help us preserve, promote, research, document, and provide educational resources for the public regarding the past and future maritime activities associated with Mathews County, Virginia.

Tax Deductible Annual Membership Fees
Individual $25
Family $35
Contributor $50
Friend $100
Patron $250

In addition to a membership card, Mathews Maritime Foundation members receive a subscription to The Broadside, a 10% discount at the Museum Gift Shop, and special access to nautical magazines and the Lending Library.

3 Ways to Join or Renew your membership:

1) Print and mail application

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Mathews Maritime Foundation
PO Box 1201
Mathews, VA 23109-1201


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The Broadside

The Mathews Maritime Foundation’s newsletter, The Broadside, keeps you informed of the year's happenings.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Needed: Docents for Museum tours (April-Nov.)

Cotact Dennis

Ongoing Opportunities:
Speakers 's Meetings
Oral History
Peggy maintenance, tours
Broadside newsletter
Web Site maintenance
Donor Boat Program
Model boatbuilding
Maritime Heritage Trail
Family Boatbuilding

Interested? We would be grateful for your assistance, and think you'll enjoy working with others who share your interests.