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Your donation is needed to help us complete a PBS documentary about the life and accomplishments of Gilbert Klingel. Support, at any level, is greatly appreciated, and critical in preserving history, helping the community, and enabling us to share Gilbert Klingel’s legacy with the world!

Matching Funds Campaign donations reached our goal of $20,000 before the May 15 deadline! Anyone who missed out on the Matching Funds opportunity and still would like to make a donation for post production costs such as the longer DVD, event screening, broadcast fees, etc. are welcome to do so.

Film Sponsorship - "Gilbert Klingel: Man of Steel"

Donations to this project will be used for production of this 1-hour documentary being produced by Miller Productions of Virginia, LLC, in conjunction with the Mathews Maritime Foundation.

Please see donation and sponsorship packages below.

Documentary Film Sponsorship

$50 - You will receive a DVD or mp4 of the film upon it’s release.
$100+ - Your name will be shown in the film’s credit section.
$500+ - Your name or that of your company will appear under “Special Thanks” in the film’s credit section. Donors at this level will also receive links to Facebook and YouTube clips.
*$1,000+ - A large logo will be displayed in the “Special Credits” section, which is shown directly after producer credits and before credits. Logos will appear in the order of donation receipt.
*$2,000+ - The first sponsor to select this option will receive credit over a minimum of three boat travel scenes on the Freya.
*$3,000+ - The first sponsor to select this option will receive the “aerial photography credit” at end of film and during film and on a minimum of three aerial clips. Aerial photography may be done by the official “Freya Cam” or by manned aircraft over the Freya’s Journey. Offers for use of other aircraft may be negotiated.
*$5,000+ - The first four sponsors will receive a 15-second filmed sponsorship promo (produced at no charge) that runs at head and tail of film. All sponsors at this level will receive a filmed promo for their use on broadcast or Internet tied to the film, first rights to sponsor theatrical, industry and company events, screenings and lectures with the film and producers.
*Segment Sponsorship – Sponsor a specific segment or sequence within the film.
*Event Sponsorship – This includes live screenings of: “Gilbert Klingel: Man of Steel” or other Bay-related films such as “Journey on the Chesapeake”, “Striped Bass: The Quest for the Bite” or “Oysters, Boats, and Men”. Details can will be worked out on an individual basis. These events are fundraisers for the production of Virginia films on the Chesapeake Bay region, lifestyle, and environment.
*Other Sponsorship – Contact Dave Miller (see below).

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Your tax-exempt donation up to $500 can be made online by selecting a sponsorship amount above. A confirmation will be sent to you by email or letter.

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*Sponsorship amounts of $1,000 or more, as well as Segment, Event and Other sponsorships should be made by contacting Dave Miller, president of Miller Productions of Virginia, LLC.

Website: Miller Productions of Virginia
Phone: 804-499-0860

All of our sponsors become part of this film production and will get inside information and privileges. We thank you for your support!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or would like to get involved.

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P.O. Box 1201
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