Calendar of Events

2018 Monthly Lecture Series

3rd Thurs. of the month | Sept. - April | 7pm
at the Mathews Maritime Museum

Nov. 15, 2018 - Mr. Tim Roscher will present his experiences as a Coast Guard rescue swimmer. He will speak about the rescue swimmer’s training and highlight some high profile rescues. His review of the movie The Perfect Storm with the REAL account of how that whole series of events played out... much more suspenseful and heroic than the movie!

Mr. Roscher will also present the role of the Coast Guard in maritime law enforcement, search and rescue, aids to navigation and our roles in WWI, WWII, Vietnam, the Gulf Wars and the War on Drugs. The Coast Guard/Revenue Cutter Service has had an active role in every war, domestic and foreign that the U.S. (and colonies) has participated in and is the oldest continuous sea-going service in the nation.  (George Washington suspended the US Navy after the revolution.)

The public is invited to enjoy this presentation free of charge.   

Oct. 18, 2018 - A world wide travelogue of adventures will be presented by Mr. Sam Forrest. Mathews native, and current owner of the Hyco house, Mr. Forrest has sailed across the Atlantic twice, traveled the Trans-Siberian railway, been to China 2x, and has traveled to 37 countries. Stating he has been mugged on both sides of the Andes, he has had many experiences in his life time of travels.

The public is invited to enjoy this presentation free of charge.   

To our membership: Nominations for Directors on the Board of the Mathews Maritime Foundation will be accepted from now until Oct. 18th. Final elections will be held with the November’s speaker meeting. Nominations can be sent to the email address below, in person at the Oct. 18th. meeting, or given to any current Board member.