Boat Shop

The Mathews Maritime Gwynn’s Island Boat Shop, also known as GIBS, is operated by the Mathews Maritime Foundation. GIBS includes a rented shop building, marina, storage lot, and eight water slips. This waterfront facility allows us to expand our offering of hands-on learning and vocational programs such as family boatbuilding, maritime restoration, boating safety and navigation, and boat yard operations.

A Little History

Klingel's boat yard

The location of GIBS was once home to Gilbert Klingel’s Gwynn’s Island Boat Yard where he manufactured metal boats such as the Green Heron. Photo 1967.

Pulley's Marine

And Pulley’s Marine, as in this photo from 2003.
Currently, the Maritime Foundation leases a portion of the property for its Boat Shop, and partners with Rappahannock Community College to hold marine classes.

Historic Renovations

photo of Peggy's renovation

The Foundation’s Antique Boat Collection consists of these boats, Freya, Shelly, Green Heron, and Peggy of New Point.

The Peggy, a historic Mathews deck boat, was renovated at the Gwynn’s Island Boat Shop in 2013, and serves as a floating exhibit and teaching resource.

Peggy’s Renovation

The Freya's Return

Donor Boat Program

photo of boats

Since 2004, the Maritime Foundation has been accepting and selling donated boats through its Donor Boat Program. The Gwynn’s Island Boat Shop has allowed this program to really take hold with expanded storage, repair, and restoration space.


Slip Rentals

photo of gibs

There are 8 water slips at GIBS. Please contact Pete at (804) 693-9335 or George at (757) 898-4364 for slip availability, rental fees, and restrictions. Or email

Peggy at dock image