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Family Boatbuilding - Current Projects

The Family Boatbuilding Program is open to anyone with the desire to build a boat with the help of a professional boat builder. Families or groups are invited to build together. Boatbuilding projects emphasize interaction and cooperation. Participants develop a strong sense of pride in each other, seeing the value of each person's contribution to getting the task done. It's not ten families building ten boats but rather ten families seeing to it that ten boats get built.

10AM until sometime past noon, Gwynn's Island Boat Shop

We have ongoing boat restoration/repair and boat building projects at the Boat Shop on Gwynn’s Island. Come and have a look. If you like what you see and want to take up a tool and help out you’d be more than welcome to do so.

If you are not ready to actually help out at this time, and just want to watch, learn and then participate later, that is fine too. This is an easy way to gain skills in boat repair/restoration without signing up for a formal class.

We welcome experienced boat repair hands as well as those interested in learning. There are always more boats needing repairs than skilled people to fix them. This is a great opportunity to take part in these projects and also to bring along any middle school or high school students who might like to learn these skills. Please pass this info on to others in the boating community who you think might be interested.

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The 2024 season begins and boats are lining up - Carolyn's skiff, a 16-ft Flattie, and White Cap sailing skiff (behind); Keeping the epoxy warm!

Continuing Carolyn's 12-ft Salt Bay sailing/rowing skiff.

Mike at the oars, and Phil, Pete, and Dennis re-fastening the bottom on the 16-ft skiff.